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by Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

One photo of Peter Capaldi’s costume for the Twelfth Doctor was released earlier this week before the pictures of him and Jenna Coleman filming a scene hit the Internet.

Capaldi’s take on the Doctor offers comparisons to Doctors past, from the stripped down feel of his outfit — very Nine — to the flair of his red satin lined coat — Three, anyone? — but there’s one item on his person that has the Internet talking. Capaldi is wearing a ring.

At first glace, some people dismissed it as his wedding ring, a fluke that will be taken out in post production, but upon closer review, it’s most definitely a custom piece. The First Doctor had a flashy ring, and so did the Master, but in general, the Doctor’s never been one for jewelry. Could this be a wedding ring from River Song?

It’s evident that Moffat’s always eager to bring back River [see my commentary on whether or not Tasha Lem is or isn’t River] so if River does show up, will she still be a data ghost? Will she be alive and live her life with this new Doctor, for better or worse? Moffat lies a lot — just see Series Three of Sherlock, if you don’t believe me — so who’s the say he won’t change the Doctor and River’s story some more. Sure, Eleven and River were married in an aborted timeline, but what if Eleven and River was just flirtation, while Twelve and River is the real marriage deal?

“You showed up on my doorstep in a new haircut and a suit,” River tells Ten in Silence of the Library, and while Moffat implied Eleven took River to the Singing Towers of Darillium in the mini-sodes First Night/Last Night, we as viewers didn’t see them there, so who’s to say that’s where they ended up? Moffat loves rewriting time and cheating death.

Then again, if Moffat and Capaldi are plotting to go further down the rabbit hole that is classic Who, it could be a Time Ring, typically used as a time travel device. But the Doctor was never very fond of Captain Jack or River’s vortex manipulators in the past, so perhaps there’s more to the story. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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