By Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

November 23, 1963 might be the big day for Doctor Who fans, but November 14, 2013 will be a day etched in many people’s minds for years to come.

Not only was it Paul McGann’s birthday, it was the day he returned to the screen as the Doctor. BBC premiered the minisode, The Night of the Doctor in the early morning hours, and one minute in, Eighth Doctor fans we rewarded with Paul McGann’s Doctor strolling into a crashing ship, offering the rescue its pilot, Cass, only to have the ship crash and his TARDIS crash on Karn. Revived but near death, he is offered a controlled regeneration and asked to help end the Time War.

So why exactly is this so important?

+ McGann was a great Doctor stuck in an American-produced film that hasn’t aged well. He went on to become a great audio Doctor for a variety of Big Finish productions, which Eighth Doctor fans have clung to throughout the Wilderness Years and into the 2005 reboot, which skipped over his regeneration into the Ninth Doctor. This 7-minute episode gave many fans the appearance they’d only dreamed of. It’s also shown what a great Doctor McGann always was, and I sincerely hope this isn’t the last time we see him on screen. [I vote for McGann and Capalidi having series that run co-currently and overlap. MAKE IT HAPPEN, BBC.]

+ Before giving up the name of the Doctor, the Eighth Doctor reflects, calling his companions off by name. Moffat made  Eight’s audio companions canon. EVERYTHING IS CANON AND NOTHING HURTS.

+ New Who fans have only seen potential companions ooh and ahh over the TARDIS. Moffat showed that time lords and their time machines are to be feared. This is just a small taste of the Time War that we’ve gotten hints of throughout the new series. Eight’s new rough and tumble version of his film costume was an improvement and made you feel like he had been traveling aimlessly, looking for someone to help, to forget about the ongoing war.

+ If this is any indication of what might happen in the 50th Anniversary, I feel like we’re in for more surprises, laughs, and tears than ever before. Fandom’s ready and there’s just a few more days to go…GERONIMO!

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