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Audio Comics shared their latest press release with Earth Station One.



AudioComics’ first Pulp Adventure now available on iTunes and Amazon Mp3

The AudioComics Company’s first production in its Pulp Adventures series is now available as a digital download through iTunes and Amazon Mp3: The Domino Lady: All’s Fair in War was released May 1, and has now gone worldwide through iTunes and Amazon, with Rhapsody, eMusic, and Nokia to follow.

Written by Rich Harvey, directed by Lance Roger Axt, and recorded in San Francisco, CA, The Domino Lady’s first-ever audio adventure takes us to 1935 San Diego, CA where she investigates the disappearance of an actual one million dollar bill from an International Exposition. Already the program has garnered excellent reviews from Airship 27’s Ron Fortier, who called it “a superb audio treat with great writing, perfect acting, especially by Karen Stillwell as Ellen Patrick/Domino Lady and Peter Carini as (Roge) McKane,” and comics legend Steve Englehart: “this is not a scratchy MP3 made from an old acetate – this is radio drama at its finest, with real actors and real writers.”

The cost for the twenty-minute work is $2.97, and can be found by entering “The AudioComics Company” into the provider’s search engine. AudioComics’ productions of Honey West, The Batsons, and Titanium Rain will follow before month’s end; also available through iTunes and Amazon Mp3 is the Company’s premiere work, Starstruck.

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