Earth Station MCU Ep 5
Earth Station MCU is back, and in this episode Jen, John and George discuss the latest action-packed episode of “Agent Carter,” “The Iron Ceiling”. The Iron Commandos are back and Peggy is in her element again, commanding a group and getting stuff done. But how will that affect her relations with the SSR back home? We also talk about the week’s MCU news, including more new casting for Jessica Jones, prequel comic info on Age of Ultron and Ant Man…and Pymp Particles. That’s a thing now.

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George Marston – “10 Things Worth Noticing in the Daredevil Trailer”
Daredevil Trailer
Superbowl bet – Chris Pratt vs. Chris Evans
Age of Ultron Prequel Comic
Carrie Ann Moss in A.K.A. Jessica Jones

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