Earth Station Who Episode 44: Time Crash & The 10 DoctorsThe slow days of summer and the living is fine, and the station is filled with reserve members for a jolly ol’ time. With Phantom and Mike G on vacation, Director Faber brings along Jennifer from ESO, Drew Meyer, Artist extraordinaire Rich Morris and newcomer Kris Nelson to continue our discussion of more Doctor Who crossovers. This time out we talk about “Time Crash” (featuring Doctors 5 & 10) and Rich talk about his comic series “the 10 Doctors” and other work. You think that was enough discussion we also talk about The Doctor Revisited featuring the 6th Doctor Colin Baker, and how Michael Jackson almost became the Doctor. EEEKKK!

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Original Doctor Who sketches drawn which inspired “The 10 Doctors”
Original Posting of “The 10 Doctors” on Deviant Art (which is why the title page says “A comic by Rich Morris for my fellow Who fans on DA.” ) Before we moved it to the Comix Blog.
The Comix Blog, originally created for “The 10 Doctors”, and featuring all my strips not “YAFGC”.
Doctor Who – THe Kidnapping

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