In this episode, Mandy and Erin recap chapters 33-36 of “The Name Of The Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss.

Follow along on Kvothe’s adventure as he reaches a long awaited destination. No Sorting Hat here- in this school you have to prove you belong! The Masters of the University put young Kvothe to the test. Will he succeed, and if he does- how can a homeless orphan afford today’s outrageous tuition rates?? Also…. something something, he likes a girl.

We ask- What are the seven words to make a woman love you?

We also talk about International Talk Like a Pirate day and Pride of Bedlam CD release party at Molly’s Pub in Houston, we talk about our upcoming 8-part series based on the Texas Ren Fest, and announce the winners of “Cosplayer Of The Month” for September!

Music for this episode is “The University” by Composer Mark Haas from the album “The Name Of The Wind: The Unofficial Soundtrack” available on iTunes.

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