CasterQuest Hosts Mandy and Len join forces to produce our first Movie Review episode covering squelchy gorefest “The Green Inferno” By Eli Roth, in homage of 70’s movies including “Cannibal Holocaust” . Finally released in theateres September 25th, “The Green Inferno” follows the story of a group of college activists as they live tweet their way to saving the Amazon Rain Forest… Except, cannibals. Spoilers for the film.

Upcoming events and contests on the site have been updated. We are hosting our first event in Houston for a screening of “Attack on Titan” pt 1 and meet n’ greet cosplay event. Cosplayer of the Month is now open for October. We are hosting a contest with a Halloween prize pack for best Halloween Themed Fanfictions found and written. More info can be found here.

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