Rennies all over Texas are shivering in antici….

pation of this weekends opening kick off to the Texas Renaissance Festival’s 2015 Season!

In celebration of this Garden of Nerdy Delights- Mandy sits down with the GM Of TRF- the legendary Terre Albert. Terre let’s us in on exciting new additions and improvements to the Festival, and discusses what it has grown from and where it is going in the years to come.

Topics include the updated and improved TRF After Dark club (formerly King Midas’ Masquerade Ball), the expansion of Florence with new shops and food vendors, introduction of the new Ambassadors Program, future additions to the
camp ground, what it’s like to prepare for festival every year (and YES, it’s a year long job!) and some valuable advice for First Timers coming to TRF.

Is the Texas Ren Fest being sold to Disney? We get to the heart of that mystery- and much more!

The musical track on this episode is “Devil’s Dance Floor” by the incomparable Pirate Band “Pride O’ Bedlam”. Available for purchase on iTunes, and playing live at the Sea Devil Tavern at TRF this season!

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