Win a trip to space via SeattleBy Michael Trei, source

To celebrate its 50th birthday next year, the owners of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle are giving away what must be the coolest contest prize in history, a free trip into space.

Teaming up with Space Adventures, the prize in Space Race 2012 is a suborbital flight on G-Force One valued at $110,000, which will include about six minutes of weightlessness. Okay, so it’s not exactly a trip to the moon, but it’s pretty awesome all the same.

To win, you’re going to need some luck on your side. Budding space travelers first need to sign up at the Space Needle website, and hope that their name is one of the 1000 chosen at random from millions of expected entries. The lucky 1000 will be asked to submit a short video, which will then be voted on by the public to cull the entries to a short list. From there, the lucky few will undergo a series of fitness tests, before selection of the winner by a panel of judges.

That fitness thing sounds like it would pretty much rule me out, but hey, it doesn’t cost anything to try. Besides, there are other worthwhile prizes up for grabs.