QuizUp LogoIf I reference a word game in the mobile marketplace your mind probably goes to Words with Friends. The mentioning of “tower defense” as a game category might call up thoughts of Plants vs. Zombies. Need a puzzler? After all these years, your go-to is still Tetris. Now, what about Trivia? In the past, you might’ve said Jeopardy, but I’d argue that name recognition is more from the TV show than any game. I’ve played Jeopardy: The Game on my phone and it feels like a console game ported to the small screen–and, as usual, it isn’t the best experience. For the initiated, there is a new name in mobile apps that is becoming synonymous with trivia, and that is QuizUp.

I’m evangelical about this app, so much so that they really should be paying me for this, but they aren’t. I’m just a guy who put himself through college with free meals from trivia won bar-tabs. I love trivia. QuizUp is the only app I’ve been able to get behind because it is the only app that leverages competition with both solid gameplay and an active user base. A big reason for this is that there is something for everyone. General knowledge is a category, sure, but for geeks like us we can challenge the world with very specific and detailed questions entirely about Dr. Who or Marvel movies or The Simpsons. Personally, I am dominating much of Georgia in Batman and Physics.

quizHow do I know I’m dominating? Well, another thing that makes QuizUp great is stats on every player. I can check the leader board locally in my state, in the country or the world. With every question you answer, you raise your score in that category. After a seven question match-up with another player, the winner is awarded an extra 100 points. The only asterisk I would include with the leader board is that, while the game is free, players can pay to accumulate points quicker an hour at a time. This doesn’t make the payers harder to beat, if you answer more questions or answer them faster you will still win the match, but whatever points they earn are multiplied after the fact. To see how well you are truly doing, I recommend focusing on win/loss ratios more than point totals. For example, as of today, I have 531 wins compared to 292 losses (and 10 draws) …perhaps I play this a little too much.

Full disclosure, my wife is undefeated against me. Fuller disclosure, we’ve only played once, and I think she wants to keep it that way. Give QuizUp a shot, look me up, and see how much you really know about Batman.