The Totally Rad Show is a video podcast featuring three Internet personalities playing games and hosting reviews. Alex Albrecht kick started the show’s popularity leveraging his fan base from his co-hosting duties on show Diggnation–a “best of the web” program linked to the website TRS’s other two hosts, Jeff Cannata and Dan Trachtenberg, have both moved forward their careers enough since the early days of The Totally Rad Show that it is safe to say that they all share the spotlight equally today.

The range of pop culture reviewed–movies, TV, comics and video games–is well represented among the hosts. While they all weight in for each review, I tend to trust certain opinions more depending on the review’s subject. Dan is an aspiring director and Jeff is an actor, so they bring more to the table with their TV and film insights. Alex is the gamer of the bunch, he even runs another show focusing on the game World of Warcraft. They all read comics, but Jeff is usually the most enthusiastic of the three on the topic.

TRS used to be a long form show broken down into segments and airing weekly. Now, it is a daily show with a clear focus wrapping up in 15 to 20 minutes. Outside of the show’s main content, the only “segments” are a short opening and answering viewer mail. The content can be enjoyed audio only in a separate download, but I’m recommending TRS for video. The show is very well produced with visual cues that add a lot of humor. The show is good enough to be on TV, and in some cases it is on TV. Revision3, the on-line network that makes the podcast, partners with a bunch of set-top boxes and web-enabled televisions to air it’s shows as many places as possible.

As an added bonus, I’m linking to Dan Trachtenberg’s short film set in the world of the video game Portal. It’s pretty….rad.

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