If you are a movie buff like me, you are probably already familiar with the entertainment news blog Slashfilm.com. One of my favorite series on the site is down played with the name “Page 2”–implying content not worthy of individual posts on “Page 1.” Really, it isn’t a question of worth, just placement. Page 2 is a roundup of random items not film newsy enough to quality as, well, film news.

The miscellany nature of Page 2 is a blessing for readers who might not care about reading the latest casting rumors. Actually, it’s a blessing to those who don’t read much period. Page 2 is mostly pictures. You’ll find pop culture mash-up t-shirts designs, official and unofficial movie posters, cosplay photo shoots, new collectible releases, and any number of other video clips and links.

I like Page 2 because it is a lot of geeky stuff in a single, easily digestible post a day, but if you want more, by all means subscribe to Slashfilm. It’s worth noting that they also post daily roundups of superhero related news and images as well a sequel news–called Superhero Bits and Sequel Bits respectively.

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