And…I’m back.

If the Internet was Rome, and if Photoshop artists were gladiators, and if this was a better analogy, Worth1000 would be the coliseum. More accurately Worth1000 is an on-line collection of daily contests sorted into categories of theme and skill level. The result is a steady stream of amazingly manipulated images. You may have seen these images on the web-at-large and been taken in by the pixels. Worth1000 has inadvertently triggered hoaxes, celebrity amusement (or abusement) and even major media scandals. (Seriously, the Pentagon once issued a statement distancing itself from Worth1000 images). Needless to say, use this site for entertainment purposes only.

If you make art, this is obviously your new home. If you are thinking about breaking in, check the forums and tutorials to see if you have the chops. If visual content creation isn’t your bag, you can still participate in the site. Like all competitions of subjective art, voters are needed. I’m not saying your vote matters as much as it will on American Idol, but it certainly means more than your contribution to the electoral college. Kidding. Kind of.

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