I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I typically shun inspirational propaganda and all around positivity. Maybe I follow too many commercial life coaches on Twitter, or maybe I just have a black heart, but I’ve found my respect for great illustration and solid typography override this person defect–which brings me this week’s pick: Zen Pencils.

Zen Pencils is a site by Gavin Aung Than who quit his office job to draw on the web. His illustrations, updated thrice weekly, feature uplifting quotes from very smart people. His quote pool includes Al Einstein, Steve Jobs and Mark Twain to name a few. I’ve noticed many of his quotes speak directly to the cubical crowd and may inspire other office workers to quit their day-to-day grind to start their own projects. Gavin is living the dream, I’m just not sure if he’s monetizing the dream yet.

Speaking of which, if you sign-up for his mailing list, you get free high-res pdfs of three, count ’em three, posters! This guy is quality, and I imagine he is only giving stuff away free for promotions sake, so get on board while it still has that new-site smell.

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