by Mike Gordon

This week, DC revealed (via Entertainment Weekly) that Superman’s new “leading lady” will be none other than his Justice League teammate, Wonder Woman. This caused a bit of a buzz online and offline. The news reminded me of one of my favorite DC Comics Presents covers. This monthly comic series was one of my favorites along with Brave & the Bold and Marvel Team-Up with fun mostly single issue stories that introduced me to cool characters through both superhero universes. I know both companies have attempted to bring these titles back for modern readers, but have not had much success. At least the originals are not difficult to find in back issue bins!

I’ve been raving about comic book covers almost as long as I’ve been collecting them (which is a long time). However, only recently did I start blogging about them! All the covers I write about are scanned from my collection. I’m happy to share my raves with y’all at ESO. If you’d like to see some of my past entries, visit my Step Up to the Mike blog.

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