The ESO Network mourns the loss of Sacha Alexander Dzuba.

Sacha was born in Manchester, England, attended the University of North Georgia, and was based in the Greater Atlanta area. He was a talented actor, musician, writer, and artist.

Among Sacha’s notable film appearances were Slice 3, Jack-o-Lantern (which he also scored), Hitori, Bad Grandpa, Vacation (2015), The Nice Guys, and the upcoming steampunk re-imagining of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic The Secret Garden by Dogwood Studios. He recorded frequently with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company and performed as a multi-instrumentalist musician with numerous bands (including The Ghosts Project, The Julia Dream, Hyperdrive, Hellblinki, This Way to the Egress, and The Extraordinary Contraptions). He participated in the improv troupe Free Kittens and his own duo, Metal Maniax. He also wrote for INsite magazine along with other publications.

Sacha was a frequent guest on many shows on the ESO Network including Earth Station One, Earth Station Who, Dr. Geek’s Laboratory, The Oncoming Storm, Transmissions from Atlantis, and Seriously, Dan. He could be found at many local conventions, such as Dragon Con, TimeGate, 221b con, Anachrocon, and others.

Sacha will be dearly missed and a tribute to him will be recorded next week to air on the Earth Station One weekly podcast. If you wish to participate, please contact us. You may leave us a voice message with a favorite memory by clicking the audio feedback link on the ESO website, or calling (404) 963-9057.