Peter Weller joins the cast of Star Trek 2, Could we be seeing a BORG??? NAAABy Marc Bernardin, source:

The latest actor to join Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg for another adventure on the Starship Enterprise is science-fiction veteran Peter Weller. But who will the once and future Buckaroo Banzai play?

Star Trek 2: Totally Not the Wrath of Khan has already lined up Alice Eve and set its sights on Benicio del Toro, but the notoriously secretive Abrams is keeping who those actors will play under wraps. Same goes for Weller, who’s been keeping himself busy appearing on Dexter and Fringe, when he’s not off being a history professor.

Some seem to think that Weller, who’s got some experience with human-cyborg relations, might be playing some version of the Borg. Me, I’m putting my money on Commodore Matthew Decker, the cracked commander who did battle with an implacable interstellar menace in the classic Trek episode “The Doomsday Machine.”

Of course, I’m not saying how much money.

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