Hey folks, JC from Transmissions From Atlantis here. While we’re thinking about demons, goblins and what have you – I thought it would be an appropriate time to discuss my own horror – the Serial Vampire Series.

These novellas were written in e-book from the point of view of the vampire – ala Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle Series. At the time I wrote Serial, it was just part of another dark short story collection I had – Nightmares From Eberus.

Of the stories in that book – Serial struck the biggest cord with my readers.

With that in mind, I continued the story of Allister Connacher and Jack the Ripper but from the perspective of their victim and night child Arianna Grayson.

The series will be continued with the next coming from Jack’s perspective.

For a total of $2 (99 cents each) you can jump into the series and check it out – don’t worry – my vamps do not sparkle.

Find Serial the Beginning on Amazon for Kindle here:

Serial – the Beginning (Book One of the Serial Vampire Series)

Synopsis: As a vampire stalks his next prey, he provides gory details of his transformation of Good Samaritan on the hunt for the infamous Jack the Ripper to the monstrosity he is now. Through death and carnage, he has been brought closer to you and now has a question. Do you choose eternal life as a monster or a horrific painful death?


Find The Taking of Arianna Grayson Book Two of the Serial Vampire Series for Kindle Here:

The Taking of Arianna Grayson – Book Two of the Serial Vampire Series

Synopsis: Detective Arianna Grayson takes us through the harrowing chase for the serial killer known as Allister the Annihilator. When she finally catches up to the fiend, she discovers that there’s more to him than being a deranged lunatic. In a struggle for her life, she makes a choice with terrible consequences and her life changes forever.


If you need another format, feel free to check out the official website of the Serial Vampire Series.

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