Matt Smith Talks series 7 and Doctor Who 50th Anniversaryby Brendon Connelly, Soucre: Bleeding

Speaking on BBC Breakfast right now, Matt Smith has just spelled out his outstanding commitment to Doctor Who: they start filming in February for 14 new episodes, comprising “a full series”, a Christmas special, and a 50th anniversary special.

That’s 50th anniversary special singular, rather than a little mini-series, as some had speculated.

He was not explicit about these being his final episodes, but he could be seen to be clearly and deliberately ducking that question.

Before his slot was up, Smith told a little anecdote about seeing David Tennant and Peter Davidson at Steven Moffat’s birthday party on Saturday and being suddenly struck when he spotted them, thinking “There’s Doctor Who! And there’s Doctor Who!”

Regarding the ongoing Children in Need costume auction, Smith suggested that his costume might look a little different next year, once again, and reminding us that he’s keen it will “evolve.”

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