Derek and Ryan from The Casket Creatures visit the Phantom Zone to record a double dose of podcasts! 

Over the past few years Phantom Troublemaker has gotten to be pals with the Atlanta horror rockers after meeting them at the illustrious Clermont Lounge where they shared a bill with the legendary Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs. Since then Phantom has emceed shows for the guys and enjoyed general drunken revelry at various cons.
Today the guys talk about horror movies, music, and the history of The Casket Creatures, as well as their inimitable brand of live performance.
Be sure you also check out Phantom’s appearance on CreatureCast, which was recorded immediately after the Creatures experienced THINGS for the first time! 
Today’s musical feature is from The Casket Creatures’ new EP, She Screams – “Zombie Werewolves from Outer Space”!
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