I suppose every one of these podcasts is going to include a certain amount of drama and stress. If I could just record them and then shoot them out of my computer and directly into your brains I would be extremely happy.

As I stated last time, I have no schedule for these things. If there’s something I feel like I can record a show about,. I’m going to try and do it. And I definitely felt like Toy Fair was something I could record a show about. I’ve been following Toy Fair for fifteen or so years now and providing coverage of one kind or another for maybe five. Every single year me and my toy dork buddies end up discussing the reveals at length and the obvious next step was just to record one of those conversations and then upload it.

Easy, right?

HA , HA, no.

Things actually worked out really well on the guest front, with The Oncoming Storm’s Josh Wilson, long-time friend and toy dork Ryan, Belligerent Monkey Jay, and honorary Needless Things co-host Beau Brown all there for the live recording and Reverend Dan Wilson from Midnight Black Mass and Getchyapulls providing a special segment on Hasbro’s Marvel offerings.

We had a great time recording and managed to cover all of the stuff that was important to us.

If you’d like to follow along visually while you listen, I recommend Action Figure Insider.

Click the exciting link below to find my exciting new podcast since the player won’t embed here (Oh, and there’s a bit of NAUGHTY LANGUAGE so be careful):

Needless Things Podcast Episode 2: New York International Toy Fair 2013


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