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Hello ESO-keteers and Phantomaniacs!

It’s time for the next thrilling installment of the Needless Things Podcast!

We recorded this nugget of joy LIVE at Odin’s Cosmic Bookshelf in the heart of scenic Lilburn, Georgia. In this episode I am joined on a permanent basis by my co-host Mr. Beau Brown – puppeteer and costumer extraordinaire. Also along for the ride are the Award-Winning Bobby Nash – Conscience of the ESO Network, the Belligerent Monkey Jay Hornsby, and Counter Boy Greg.

2013-07-13_16-43-37_961We sat down in the all-new Media Room at Odin’s to discuss gaming, the various media worlds of DC Comics, and our own personal journeys through the worlds of dorkery. It’s a fun talk that I think you’ll enjoy.

Phantom Phact: Did you know that my co-host Mr. Beau Brown can dual-wield a halberd and a flail?

Find out this and many other amazing facts in this, the ALL-NEW Needless Things Podcast!

Needless Things Podcast Episode 6: LIVE From Odin’s Comics



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