Could Star Trek be closer to being back on TV again?? Maybeby Brendon Connelly, Source: Bleeding

Bryans Fuller and Singer have each, individually, attempted to develop new TV versions of Star Trek in the past – and once upon a time, Fuller wrote for Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Now that they’ve been teamed up on the modern-day Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane, the chaps have apparently come to realise that two Bryans are better than one.

Aint It Cool have spoken with Fuller, and report that he and Singer have:

discussed the possibility of pooling their resources to take a new corner of Gene Roddenberry’s multiverse to the small screen. Hopefully J.J. Abrams and Les Moonves will give them the keys to Starfleet HQ.

Is it likely?

I don’t see why it would be impossible. If they’re set on charting a “new corner” of the ‘verse, then there shouldn’t be any clash with the Abrams movies. And don’t these big integrated companies like brand synergy across different media? You know, from a helicopter blue sky view when they’re thinking outside of the box (and other bullshit management speak).

The pilot for Mockingbird Lane has been written by Fuller and directed by Singer. I’d expect it to be pretty good – and if it’s also a hit, it certainly won’t hurt their chances of getting Trek back on the air.

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