Next on ESONext week, The ESO crew heads back to the theater to review one of the year’s most highly anticipated movies. ESO’s motto is “Don’t Yield. Back S.H.I.E.L.D.” as we take on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Warning: there will be spoilers. And, as if that wasn’t already more than enough for you, Marvelites, ESO brings you the usual assortment of Rants and Raves, The Khan Report, Shout Outs, Dr. Geek’s Moment of Science, The Geek Seat, and maybe even a special guest or two (we’re still waiting on Scarlett Johansson to return our calls). You get all this and more next week on a shield-slinging special episode of the Earth Station One podcast! Be there or we’ll sic Nick Fury on ya!

Did you see Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend? If so, ESO wants to hear from you. Share your movie review with ESO at,, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest. Who knows, we might just share yours on the show.

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