The Man of Steel on your plateby Alanna Bennett, source The Mary

As someone who attends school at a geeky liberal arts college just 30 minutes south of Cleveland, I approve of this news wholeheartedly: Cleveland-based group Siegel & Shuster is leading a campaign to have the iconic Superman insignia emblazoned on specialty Ohio license plates.

As someone who spends nine months out of her year in Ohio, this would be a subtle, if really cool, addition. At the very least it might lessen the reactions of one of Ohio’s current license plates–”The Birthplace of Aviation”–that Kitty Hawk was in North Carolina. Ohioans! Jerry Siegel, Harvey Pekar, Marc Andreyko, Brian Azzarello, and Brian Michael Bendis are all from Cleveland alone! Have pride in your state’s contribution to comic book art!

The Siegel & Shuster Society, which is dedicated to celebrate Cleveland as the birthplace of the Man of Steel, has to collect 500 names on their petition in order to complete the first step in the process.

A state senator has also agreed to propose the plates to the state legislature once the signature are gathered, and the plates would theoretically be available by 2013, with a portion of the proceeds going to Siegel & Shuster to fund more Superman-related projects.

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