On this week’s episode of the PCC Multiverse is Thanos becoming the center of the Marvel universe a good thing? Josh and I weigh in with our thoughts and also talk about the battle already waging for your video game console dollar before the Nintendo Switch even appears on shelves. Plus we speculate on what exactly is going on in the DC Movie universe and what possible changes have comic book and movie fans excited. Plus the ladies of Wine Women and Words interview author Julie K. Rose about her book “Dido’s Crown” as they talk about what inspired her to write such a compelling story. Then the guys from the Super Bro Station Gamescast talk about the troubles for Pew Dew Pie. All this plus another hit song from Hyperschmitt a taste of the “Great Debate” and my conversation at this past CES about why Skybuds could just be the sound you’re looking for. It’s another great episode lined up as we head back into…the PCC Multiverse!

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