No Meat on Mars??  If Peta has it's way??By Krystal Clark, Source:

PETA is at it again. The animal rights group, which recently gave a glowing endorsement to Rise of the Planet of the Apes, is taking their fight from film to space. Pull up a chair and sit back—because PETA’s going to Mars.

PETA wants to stomp out all unfair treatment of animals. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the United States, Europe, Antarctica or even space. Mars has been on the government’s radar for years, and scientists have plans to make it a “laboratory of democracy” for human colonies.

So, when we finally set up shop on the Red Planet, PETA wants a piece of the animal-friendly pie. They’ve sent a letter to SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp) CEO Elon Musk to request a vegan colony.

Some suspect that PETA wants to turn the future Mars into a completely meat-free environment. There would be no animal-based food, clothes, beverages (bye-bye, cow milk), no nothing.

But don’t worry too much, they’ve only made a suggestion and the colonization would take place years down the line. Like on Earth, there’s nothing wrong with having your own way of living. It’s when you force that way on other people that it becomes a problem. Wouldn’t you agree?

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