On this week’s episode, we’re back at Retro City Games with Douglas Houghaboo and Gerald Glassford sharing their thoughts on the best and worst video game console launches. Josh Pederson, author of Vendetta Dark steps in as the talk begins about a possible January movie battle between the Underworld and Resident Evil series. Is it the end for both as their lead actresses leave these hit movie franchises or is there more left to share in these universes for audiences to care about down the
road. Then Mike Crockett and “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas from a Wrestling Podcast About Nothing stop by to talk the WWE and their recent brand split. Has it worked so far? And what does the future hold for sports entertainment fans as we head into another Wrestlemania run. All this plus a taste of the roundtable discussion from PAX West this year as some of the brightest independent video game filmmakers talk about the stories they aim to tell to their audience. It’s another packed house as we ring the bell on another great show as we delve into…the Pop Culture Cosmos! (1:01:49)