The New Star Trek is still coming , but when?Star Trek 2 is definitely happening, but it may be happening later than anyone expected.

The second film in the rebooted Star Trek franchise has a release date of June 29, 2012. That’s the good news. But according to Deadline, the bad news is that the film doesn’t have a script or even an official director.

While J.J. Abrams is expected to return to the captain’s ch—sorry, director’s chair, he has not said so yet in a way that Paramount Pictures can take to the bank. But more importantly, assuming that Abrams is back, he doesn’t have a script to work with yet. Apparently, all writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof have to show for the last two years is a 70-page outline. All three have been busy with other projects and are waiting for Abrams to commit before they start hammering out the screenplay in earnest.

As an added twist, star Chris Pine is also slated to take over the role of Jack Ryan in a new spy thriller based on the Tom Clancy character. While Pine is probably going to end up playing Capt. Kirk again first, the Ryan film could always sneak into production ahead of Star Trek 2, giving everyone involved more headaches.

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