The Ratchet Retrocast ep 18Recording from 666 Shadowbrook Road the gang embarks on surviving the night surrounded by all the classic scary monsters! Who can we call for help? Thats right, The Monster Squad!! This episode we go over this 80s cult classic, Halloween antics, cultural contributions (or lack thereof), and our usual segments Achievement Unlocked and the Clockwork Quarter Hour. So hide your Twinkies, cuz Creature is gonna get them!

Show Notes:
Monster Squad
Stan Winston’s IMDb Profile
8 Reasons Monster Squad is better than Goonies
Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury
Addams Family Comics
RetroRail Con has launched!

Achievement Unlocked:

10/15/54 – Flash Gordon Television Serial Premiers
10/15/13 – Ada Lovelace Day! Commemorates the Publication of A Sketch of the Analytical Engine, with Notes by the Translator & STEM (Side note: 10/18/1871 – Charles Babbage, designer of the Difference and Analytical Engines, dies at the age of 79)
(Bonus Link! Lovelace & Babbage Webcomic:
10/19/90 – George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead remake is released
Halloween, 1926 – Harry Houdini dies at the age of 52
Correction to the show, from Ratchet: “I mention Houdini as being involved with the Cottingley fairies. While Arthur Conan Doyle was involved, Houdini’s association was an embellishment made in the movie about the Fairies.”

Clockwork Quarter Hour with Valerie Meiss:
Valerie of Miss Mousie and the Rigamarole
Miss Mousie Tumblr
Miss Mousie’s Facebook
Valerie’s Instagram
Valerie’s Twitter
Valerie, aka Miss Mousie, aka Tiny Wonder to perform with Fable Cry at the Grimm Gear Gala
Puppet Slam Network

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