Ratchet Retrocast Ep 23In this highly anticipated, controversial, emotional rollercoaster of an episode, we finally tackle one of histories greatest animes from the 80’s: ROBOTECH! Tune in to hear the greatest moments of Ratchet and Strangeway’s childhood relived and then torn asunder by the warmongering Q and his hate for all things lovable. Joining him in his crusade of tyranny is a newcomer to the show, Gwen, who also fell off the wagon and we found on the side of the road. In addition this week is the great and powerful Jessica Merriman – co-founder and runner of the gaming and anime Con, MomoCon. Lastly, we return to our new segment – The Ratchet Retrospective – and once again host another Clockwork Quarter Hour with Nicole Write of the Progress web series. So engage the fold and tune in to another installment of the Retrocast.

Show Notes:
Everything You Need to Know About Robotech
Minmei is a horrible singer
Bob of Bob & Carl sings is better
Full Robotech Series on DVD
Robotech/Voltron Crossover
Macross Do You Remember Love the Movie
MomoCon’s Career Fair Kickstarter (again)
Giant Robo
Bruce + Nathan = Mind Blown
….and in other news, it seems IHateEverything.org is taken. If anyone wants to get it for us, Q promises to make good on his word.

Ratchet RetroSpective:
Perfect Strangers
Complete Season 1 & 2 on DVD

Clockwork Quarter Hour with Nicole Wright of Progress the Web Series:
Progress YouTube Channel
Progress on FB
Progress on Twitter

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