Ratchet RetroCast Ep 48In the fabulous world of Burlesque, the glitz and glamour can distract from some of the issues everyone faces. This art should be open to anyone who has the burning passion to perform, no matter their style, shape, or size. We talk about some of the controversial points that have recently gained momentum and how we can help positive change happen for this choice performing art. The exquisite Talloolah Love sheds light on this matter, as well as the fun history of the art with plenty of sass to spare! #IAmBurlesque

Show Notes
Burlesque 101
Immodesty Blaze
Burlesque Hall of Fame
Burlesque Atlanta Society
Talloolah Love

Ratchet RetroSpective: Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs, Then and Now
The Worst Ending of a TV Show, Ever

Final Thoughts
Burlesque Atlanta Podcast
Dragon Con Glamour Geek Revue
Speakeasy Electro Swing

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