The hilarious, anarchic British sci-fi classic Red Dwarf will be returning for a new season, 12 years after it went off the air. The news was so exciting to star Craig Charles that he spilled the news during a radio interview … even though he was SUPPOSED to keep it quiet.

The Boys from the Dwarf are Back

Co-star Robert Llewellyn wrote on his blog:

So, the thing is, the whole point was that I was told not to say anything. Doug told me, face to face, ‘don’t tweet this bobby. Not yet.’

So I didn’t. I was really good. I said nothing.

Then I spend a day in my voice over cell and know nothing of the interview Craig had done on the radio… So then I get back to my trusty lappy and there’s a great slew of tweets telling me that Craig has once again spilt the beans

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