The Munsters is now going to be known as Mockingbird LaneBy Krystal Clark, Source:

NBC’s The Munsters is getting a makeover. The network has decided to scrap the show’s classic title in favor of something new. This isn’t your grandpa’s sitcom. They’re revamping the show from the inside out.

According to TV Line, the Munsters reboot will be called Mockingbird Lane. The new title is a nod to the family’s residence, which is located at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. On a side note, TV’s other gothic clan, the Addams Family, lived on Cemetery Lane. Do they have something against boulevards and avenues?

This is an unexpected move from the network and the show’s creators. The whole point of reboots and remakes is to capitalize on name recognition. Unfortunately, this switcheroo doesn’t follow that logic. Perhaps they want to keep some familiar elements, but change others? As long as the characters stay the same, there shouldn’t be too much outrage.

Mockingbird Lane is the creation of two Bryans: Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daises fame and Bryan Singer, producer and director of X-Men. The pilot is currently in the casting stage, but so far no actors are attached.

What do you think of the Munsters’ new title? Does it have a nice ring to it?

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