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RevolutionSF Podcast: Librarians Part 1: The Wrath of Larroquette

December 7, 2014 saw the premiere of The Librarians, a television series that sequelizes the similarily named Noah Wyle television movies. Clearly influence by the Indiana Jones movies, this series weaved magic and adventure to create ten episodes that became must see TV for many viewers. Our Podcast Queen, Deanna Toxopeus is joined by Margaret-Anne Park, Michael Bailey and Nathan Laws to discuss the awesomeness that is this the LITs and their Guardian.

RevolutionSF Podcast: Librarians Part 2

This second part of our two parter looks at the individual episodes and the season-long arc that wrapped up in the season fianale. There are predictions and wishes as to where the series will go in season 2.

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I would arrange these in order of awesomeness, but John Larroquette isn’t in the picture and that throws off the algorithm.

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