We’re getting a new Assassin’s Creed game! Yay!
You can’t play a female character in multiplayer in it! Wait, what?

This news has caused a flurry of discussions about women gamers, female & minority representation in gaming, and more. To sort through all these thorny issues, RevNews host Gary Mitchel has gathered together Geek Gaming Gurus Mark Finn, Tegan Hendrickson and newcomer to the RevNews, Scott Clark from The Hollywood Outsider!

Listen in as they discuss Mark’s disdain for twitch gamers stabbing each other in the head; the role of women in AC before now & Ubisoft’s success in the past dealing with gender/racial issues; the perception of gaming as a “boy’s club” & where this mistaken belief may have originated; Gary makes Tegan speak for her generation; Mark, Gary & Tegan’s love for FemShep from Mass Effect; the role that we all need to play in these discussions, no matter our race or creed; Mark, Tegan and Scott’s love of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag; and the importance of games in what they can do that other forms of entertainment can’t.

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Killin' is their business. Assassins Creed.

Killin’ is their business. Assassins Creed.

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