Hey folks, JC De La Torre of Transmissions From Atlantis here. Our next show will be coming soon but I just wanted to send another reminder out there that we are currently funding for the first two issues of our Sci-Fi/Fantasy comic, Star Mage.


We’ve reached our goal but we want to have the opportunity to give you more stuff for your pledges so we’ve instituted a bunch of stretch goals – including exclusive pinup art as well as more printed issues!

We’ve also been active in the media, doing several interviews including right here on ESO.

In addition to our stint on the network, we’ve also done interviews with:

Comic Bastards:


Needless Things:


Comic book Therapy:


Kickstarter Conversations:


Be sure to listen to Transmissions From Atlantis for all the latest developments and you’ll have instant access to our announcements if you become a backer!

Thanks for your support!

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