Second Doctor


Timestamp #141: The Two Doctors+

Doctor Who: The Two Doctors (3 episodes, s22e07-e09, 1985)   The triumph of The Five Doctors brought Icarus too close to...

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Timestamp #130: The Five Doctors+

Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (Twentieth Anniversary Special, 1983)   “I am being diminished, whittled away piece by piece. A...

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The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Episode 65: The Three Doctors (The Time Lords’ Taco Bell)+

Toni and Joe are joined by Chris Cherry​, Vincent E.L., and Ray Friesen to discuss rocks that look like butts and the Classic Doctor...

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Doctor Who US DVD Releases Increase+

Good news for collectors of Doctor Who DVD’s in America, the much hated “lag” between the UK releases and the...

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