Sixth Doctor


Timestamp #139: Vengeance on Varos+

Doctor Who: Vengeance on Varos (2 episodes, s22e03-e04, 1985)   It’s a hit-and-miss meta-adventure. On a rocky red planet dominated...

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Timestamp #138: Attack of the Cybermen+

Doctor Who: Attack of the Cybermen (2 episodes, s22e01-e02, 1985)   After some time off, the Doctor has gotten better....

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Timestamp: Twenty-First Series and Fifth Doctor Summary+

Doctor Who: Twenty-First Series and Fifth Doctor Summary   It’s an unfortunate ending to an era. The Fifth Doctor’s three...

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Timestamp #137: The Twin Dilemma+

Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma (4 episodes, s21e21-e24, 1984)   He’s the Doctor, whether we like it or not. After...

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