The 42cast Episode 28: Is Fandom Broken?+

We all know of examples of fandom behaving badly, and in this episode we delve into the question of whether...

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The 42cast Episode 27: Heroes – Where Did It Go Wrong?+

This week we talk all about Heroes, the NBC drama that took the world by storm back in 2006. Heroes...

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The 42cast Episode 26: The Journey Home+

Back in 2015, Marvel and Sony announced an unprecedented deal to allow Marvel to use Spider-Man in their movies and...

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PCC Multiverse Episode Fifty Two+

Oscar snubs and surprises, the problem with a Hasbro movie universe, the Dragon Ball Z gaming legacy, Captain America: First...

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Pop Culture Cosmos Episode Sixty Three+

Why microtransactions are becoming a big headache, Xbox One X's holiday hopes, Twitter's big move and the winners and losers...

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PCC Multiverse Episode Twenty One+

On today’s episode Josh Pederson and Gerald Glassford are providing some insight into the Han Solo spinoff mess with analysis...

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Pop Culture Cosmos Episode Forty Two+

On this week’s episode we’re talking the viability of the Cars and  Transformers movie franchises as both possibly head toward...

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The 42cast Episode 9: The Age of Nostalgia+

You can’t scroll through the channels anymore without finding a reboot or continuation of a show from years ago. This...

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PCC Multiverse Episode Twelve+

On this week’s episode it’s a summer movie preview as we analyze the biggest films with our thoughts on the...

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Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 65: Chronicles of Logan+

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 65: Chronicles of Logan. This week we get old like old man Logan. We take a...

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