So, I’m currently running about a week behind on my releases, so here’s a rather belated chat from me about the recent Doctor Who episode ‘Before the Flood’, all coming at you from somewhere adrift in the Doctor’s timeline (forgot to check the helmic regulator for more details than that!) . Yeah, methinks you guys subscribing to the Terminus RSS feed on iTunes (or any other fine podcatchers, of course!) might make things a bit easier to follow along, as my schedule has been a bit wonky as of late, but of course that’s all up to you.

Oh, and relatedly, since my release dates aren’t currently what I hoped for, due to Life Stuff, I’m combining my reviews for both ‘The Girl Who Died’ and the ‘The Woman Who Lived’ into ONE episode next time around, just to try to get all caught up and stuff. This may be how I attack future two-parters as well — we shall see! WHO NOSE!

Also, I realized as I edited my somewhat rushed recording for this episode from earlier in the week, that I forgot to rate ‘Before the Flood’ in my actual podcast content! So, I’ll give you this wee little spoiler (Avert your eyes, if need be!): I’m giving it a 4.5 out of 5. Looking back, that is the same score I gave for ‘Under the Lake’, as well, 0so I guess this two-parter ends up with a nice round score of 4.5 out of 5 for me. Excellent. (Er, I do hope you’ll still listen even with knowing my score, though!)

So, anyway, I hope you all will join me as I review this super-shippy episode of Doctor Who. And, as always, glad to have you all aboard. Enjoy the ride!

Direct Download Here

Episode 13 – May the Remorse Be With You: Before the Flood


Table of Contents:
0:00:00 – Opening and Welcome
0:02:58 – Happy Fandom Time
0:07:22 – Discussion of “Before the Flood”
0:49:02 – Coming Soon on the Next Episode! (Plus Goodbye, Thanks, and Outro!)

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Opening audio clips from the Fifth Doctor serial ‘Terminus’ and the Tenth Doctor serial ‘The Shakespeare Code’, copyright BBC. The female robot voice was from ‘2nd Speech Center’ text-to-voice software. ‘Doctor Who’ theme was by ViolinistBAKA, link provided above.

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