Hey folks, JC from Transmissions From Atlantis here and I’d like to invite you to check out our KickStarter campaign for Star Mage (again).


After royal hosing up the first campaign, we’re back with a new and improved version – call it Star Mage 2.0! We have a much more manageable goal, better rewards, a new artist and the first issue is already completed!

To pledge your support, go here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1954568853/star-mage

Basically the way this works is you can contribute as little as $1 to whatever you want. The more you contribute, the better the reward you get for being a backer.

Better yet – you won’t be charged ANYTHING until the project is Orasmasfunded 29 days from now. If it fails to reach its goal, you will not be charged a cent.

StarMage is sci-fi fantasy geared for YA crowd – it is kid safe (no nudity/sex or gratuitous violence). Think Harry Potter in Space.

You can help one of two ways….
First: back me up!
It’s easy (especially if you’ve ever bought anything from Amazon)!
• Go to the link above.
• Click the green “Back this Project” button
• Choose your amount you feel comfortable with (again, this won’t charge for 29 days….or ever if we don’t get funded)
• Pick the reward level associated with the amount you contributed
• Check out like you would at Amazon!

Second: Help spread the word!
Maybe you’re not into comics. Maybe you don’t have kids or think sci-fi is baloney. Or you just don’t have the funds right now to contribute. That’s fine – you can still do me a huge solid by getting the world out to your peeps – co-workers, family and friends. Anyone you think might have the slightest interest. If you do the social media thing: tweet it, blog it, LJ it or FB it! The more people know about the more chance it will have to be successful.

Thanks guys! Appreciate any help you can give.

Need more incentive? Check out page one:


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