Great Scott Marty, We Just Got Back From the FutureBy Raymond Wong, Source:

Doc Brown’s time traveling DeLorean will be gracing roads again in 2013. The DeLorean Motor Company is partnering with Epic EV to build an all-electric car that’ll be updated with necessities like an iPhone dock. Can’t cruise down the freeway in a DeLorean without blasting the Back to the Future theme, now can ya?

Externally, the DeLorean should remain largely unchanged. It’s said to be capable of maxing out at 125 miles per hour with 260 horsepower and cost about $90,000-100,000.

Expensive — yes! But when will you ever get a chance to get an authentic DeLorean that’s super green? Sure, it won’t really let you time travel, but neither will any other car.

DMC hasn’t announced any other details, but we also see an onboard GPS navigation system in there, alongside what looks like knobs for a sound system. Man, if we had the money, we’d be first in line to order one of these. Come on, gull-wing doors!

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