Digest Enthusiast Review By Ron Fortier
Editor Arkay Olgar
Contributing Editor D. Blake Werts
Larque Press LLC
151 pg

Having really enjoyed issue #1 of this terrific new digest, I was delighted to find # 2 in my mailbox a few weeks ago. Much like the first volume, this second issue features a wonderful balance of articles, interviews and short fiction. Being a writer/editor, the latter has particular appeal to me and writers Rudolf Schmitdt, D.D. Ploog, Richard Krauss and John Kuharik all deliver quality tales filled with adventure, horror and fantasy.

After the fiction, the two lengthy interviews with writers Gary Lovisi and Robert Lopresti were excellent; each giving the reader personal insights to the careers of these two talented penmen. Add articles on Australian crime pulps, an Italian comic named Mister No and various other fascinating pieces and biblio entries and you have a solid package worthy of the best digests of the past.

A hardy applause to the entire editorial crew, writers, artists and designers. If you aren’t following “The Digest Enthusiast,” you are missing out on a very entertaining title. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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