This time on the ESO PRO podcast, its the third and final part (for now) of our Women In Wrestling series. The crew has gone from the 1800s all the way to 2005 & talks the past decade in this episode. Along with John, Richard, and Jonathan, they are joined by a very special guest!

If you watch Ring Of Honor’s division Women Of Honor then you are sure to recognize her name. Kelly Klein joins the discussion giving insight of the industry and her background in wrestling. Along with an interview Kelly sticks around to talk about the TNA Knockouts which undoubtedly sparked a movement in wrestling that had previously not been there. Of course, WWE has had its ups and downs portraying women but seem to be correcting the course with current superstars such as Charlotte, Bailey, Sasha, and Becky Lynch who could not be more talented or diverse from one.

Everybody’s favorite gameshow (or at least of John and Richard) is back with Name That Wrestler! This time we are down two contestants so John goes one on one against the game to see if he can conquer the questions! Find out how well he does!

Also, with Halloween right around the corner the fellas have put together something special that will surely bring a smile to your face!

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Kelly Klein on Twitter @KellyKleinWoH

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