It’s finally time for the ESO PRO Crew to take a look at women in wrestling which will span three different parts of the podcast. This time around we are focusing on however far back any of us can remember up until 1990.

One of the most popular and famous organizations for women in wrestling is G.L.O.W. and we are lucky enough to interview the writer Bradford Thomason and Director Brett Whitcomb of the fantastic G.L.O.W. The Story Of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. We find out some behind the scenes bloopers, plus the guys first documentary Rock-afire Explosion, and what the guys have coming up! We also find out a little about the upcoming G.L.O.W. Netflix television show which the guys are not connected to but share the knowledge they have of what we might be able to expect and what they have heard.

Then the ESO PRO Crew delves into Women in Wrestling as far back as the 1800’s up until 1990. Of course the guys don’t cover everything because there is so much but this subject has been on the must talk about list of subjects for a long time. From Moolah to Miss Elizabeth to Scary Sherri there were so many fantastic women in wrestling during that time. It was a fun discussion with some knowledge that John brings out from the start of women in wrestling up until what the crew can remember about the women they grew up watching.

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G.L.O.W. The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Rock-afire Explosion

A Life In Waves

Wrestling With Pop Culture

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