This week John “I Love Heels” Neal, Richard “Too Cool” Ewell, Jonathan “Meagaton” Williams, are joined by Ray “Guns” Garner to discuss Women With Attitude. We have looked at the history of women’s wrestling until 1990 so now we move onto looking at Women in the 90’s including the Attitude Era going into the Ruthless Aggression Era of wrestling. There are so many great women from this time and the guys cover as much as they can. From Luna to Lita and Marlene to Molly and even seeing the resurgence of Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah. Even the infamous HAND is mentioned…..

But wait, theres MORE!

John, Richard, and Ray talk a little bit about TNA and the rumors about the future of the organization. Since this recording even stranger news has come out but the guys discuss what they think about all the goings on.

There is also discussion of a new campaign for a brand new Chikara Pro video game that is looking for a release and help funding! Find out more info at

We have lots of goodies on this episode for you folks!

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