Many apologies for this delay. Bad timing and illness hampered this podcast to be produced and released in a timely manner. Having said this, I think you will be pleased with the content.

As always, what are my “BIG” 3 Scifi News items:

  • Kyrpton series is in development
  • Cloak and Dagger trailer reaction
  • Captain Marvel with Brie Larson found its directors, yes, directors

But wait, there’s more…

Star Wars Celebration which took place in Orlando this year reached a milestone. 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. I watched practically the entire convention online. This means, there is a lot of Star Wars news to report on. 

So, grab your seats, strap in, engage the hyperdive and enjoy this podcast. If the hyperdrive doesn’t work, please get out of the Falcon and push; it really does help. 

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