The Ratchet Retrocast Ep 1For our first episode, The Ratchet RetroCast found themselves in Mos Eisley listening to a cantina band and trying to avoid the smell of some dead green thing. That’s right, it’s Star Wars! This week Strangeway, Q and CD talk about the Star Wars franchise, with occasional muffled additions from Ratchet. They are joined by Chris Lee, the founder of the Full Scale Falcon project, an R2D2 builder, one of the first members of the 501st and more! Afterwards, listen in for facts during “This Week in Geek History” and for the up-and-comings in the steampunk community during the “Steampunk Review”, and thanks for tuning in to our very first episode!

The Full Scale Falcon Project
The Official 501st Website
R2-D2 Offical Builders Club Website
R2KT, the Pink Droid
Apparition Abolishers’ Official Website
Chris Lee’s Webpage

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