The Ratchet Retrocast pp2This time, the Ratchet RetroCast got on a roller coaster that transported them to a strange desert wasteland. There we found dungeons, dragons, toys to use as figurines, a magic 8-Ball in the shape of a d20 and Ratchet opted to become our DM. In this episode, Q proves that he knows a lot about the history of D&D, John learns what “CHA” means, and we all address how video games have killed the tabletop stars. Also, “This Week in Geek History” is renamed “Achievement Unlocked” and we discuss the up-and-comings in the steampunk community during the “Steampunk Review.”


The D&D Official Website
The Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Series DVD
An 8 Bit Reenactment of Dungeons and Dragons
Mazes and Monsters – Tom Hanks Freaks Out
Lord of the Rhymes

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